Geo-Engineering Center

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The Geo-Engineering Center is a division of the WVWRI is dedicated to addressing projects within the fields of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering research, technology development, and deployment. The Center works to support engineering needs through innovative technology deployment. This is specifically accomplished by incorporating new and innovative technologies into conventional applications or existing industries when the technologies are both mature and market ready.

The Center fundamentally targets its efforts on applied and field-scale geotechnical & geoenvironmental research and partners as a team member on projects where basic and bench-scale research is required.

The two major long-term programs within the Center are the areas of safety for coal waste impoundments and subsurface environmental remediation of abandoned lands. Funding partners include the US Department of Labor – Mine Safety Health Administration, US Department of Defense – Army Corps of Engineers, the US Department of Energy – National Energy Technology Laboratory, and the National Environmental Education and Training Center.


John Quaranta, Ph.D., Asst. Professor
(304) 293-9942