National Environmental Education Training Center

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NEETC, Inc. is a partnership uniting labor, academia, government, and management. Located in Indiata, Pennsylvania, as a nonprofit organization, NEETC was founded to coordinate and direct environmental education, training and research for the hazardous waste industry. The Center has since expanded its mission to include increasing the awareness of health and safety issues for organizations that develop and use new environmental technologies. NEETC also creates training for workers using these technologies. Two Centers of Excellence assist NEETC, Inc. in fulfilling its mission. One is located at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; the other is located at West Virginia University.

Project Listing

  • Project No. NE-20 
    Project Title: Center of Excellence FY 06
    Principal Investigator:John Quaranta
    Co-Principal Investigator:Paul Ziemkiewicz
    Sponsor: NEETC, Inc.
    Award: $65,000
    Cost-Share: $0
    Total Project Value: $65,000
    Project Dates:June 12, 2006 thru December 31, 2006
    Purpose: Review and comment on NEETC Inc initiatives in the area of environmental technology. Manage all WVU Center of Excellence projects either on- or off-campus. Support NEETC with development of a 2006 Project Management Plan including development of project work scopes and budgets. Contribute to WVU Water Research conferences including Brownfields and WRI’s annual conference. Manage subcontracting of WVU’s projects and vendors located regionally to WVU in support of NEETC Inc’s programs. Supplement NEETC’s reduced staff by providing administrative support such as high volume document scanning, updating program schedules, and assisting with reporting deliverables. Attend the annual SERDP Technology conference in Washington DC on November 28 to December 1, 2006 and attend meetings As directed by NEETC.